Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Today we had our second lecture by Prof. Tom Inns. It was all about strategy and how we get to where we want to be by setting out a clear plan(mission) and following a certain set of rules and regulations to get us to our final objective. Below is My Personal Analogy from today...

I also learned the difference between proactive and reactive and where I sit in relationship to this, I think I am a mixture of the two but for my project this year and throughout my masters course I think I should be more proactive in my approach. Tom also said that we should be more proactuve on a global scale to deal with more of the global issues before they arrise, I agree think we should try to prevent huge problems not try to fix them after the damage has been done.

Tom gave us this great quote by Dwight D.Eisenhower

'Planning is everything, plans are nothing.'

Here is my mind map of todays lecture, I really need to work on a better way of doing them.

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