Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Conductive inks

Bare have developed conductive inks that can be painted directly onto the skin... the possibilities for this type of
technology are endless and has gotten me rather excited!! Below is what Bare have to say about this innovative product
and have a look at the youtube video of the ink in action. Just amazing!!

"Bare is a conductive ink that is applied directly onto the skin allowing the creation of custom electronic circuitry. This innovative material allows users to interact with electronics through gesture, movement, and touch. Bare can be applied with a brush, stamp or spray and is non-toxic and temporary. Application areas include dance, music, computer interfaces, communication and medical devices. Bare is an intuitive and non-invasive technology which will allow users to bridge the gap between electronics and the body"

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

How much do you miss me...?

Ever wondered how to tell someone you are missing them without picking up the phone or dropping them an email...? Well Jia Yi Lin's Measure how much I miss you zipper communicators are a beautiful concept to show a loved one that you are missing them without actually having to put that into words.

They come as a set, keep one for yourself and give one to a loved one. Clip them to your bag or put them in your pocket, then when you feel the urge to tell them you miss them unzip the zip and by this action your communicator will trigger their communicator and it will vibrate, light up or even play a song. So much more personal than a text message.

Take a peek at the YouTube Video below and all will become crystal clear...

Sunlight Table

Rachel Hevicon's work has just come to my attention, it is wonderful. I especially like her Sunlight table. The surface of which is coated with a UV reactive material so when her leafy placemats (or anything you fancy for that matter) are placed on the table then moved, beautiful silhouettes are revealed underneath. Due to the nature of the UV reactive surface the 'print' that appears only lasts for a few fleeting moments then disappears. I think this is a wonderfully interactive table that I would love to sit at and enjoy afternoon tea at in the balmy summer afternoons. Rachel states that the table also helps people to be aware of the dangers of UVA and UVB rays found in sunlight due to the effects the sunlight has on the tabletop (changing it from white to blue where the sunlight hits)

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Wireless charger... Powermat

After watching the Gadget Show last night which among other things featured this product from Powermat... it is a wireless charger. A small block which can charge/power any piece of technology as long as the Powermat technology (receivers) are embedded within whatever you wish to charge, like your phone, ipod, laptop or even as the creators claim a food blender...

See the video below for more information on how this innovative product works. I love it as I have a tangle of wires at home all from various phone, laptop, ipod chargers etc which could become a thing of the past. I'm all for reducing (un-necessary) objects cluttering up our houses, offices and ultimately landfill sites.

and here is an advert from Powermat...

Monday, 5 October 2009

At last a reason to go out in the rain...

Lazybone.co.uk have for sale an umbrella that changes colour when it rains. The pattern on the umbrella (a cloud design) is white then when drops of rain start to hit them they turn into brightly coloured rainbow patterns. The umbrellas are printed using Hydrochromic ink, this special ink is colourless when dry but transforms into wonderful colours when wet. When the rain stops pouring and the umbrella dries the print will once again become invisible. Think its time to start designing raincoats!!:)