Thursday, 16 October 2008

Design Led Product & Service Innovation

For my Wednesday classes with Tom Inns we have had weekly tasks to undertake.

Week 1 was an exercise on mindfulness, it was to help us understand where we had been successful or unsuccessful on past projects and the reasons behind this so we could hopefully learn from our experiences in the future.

I thought this was a really good idea as I had never really given any of my past projects much thought, they were just forgotten after they were finished, being mindful of past experiences can really help us to understand our processes and why we may fail or succeed at certain tasks.

Week 2 we had to think about our Strategy. This was to give us an understanding of how to map out our own careers using strategic planning principles and also how corporate planning terminology is used.

I found this exercise really helpful as it made me break down what I think my career plans might be and consider the steps I would need to take to achieve my end goal. From knowledge I would need to contacts I would have to make.

Week 3 we had to think about our Design Process and how this might look. This was to get us thinking about the different steps we take from idea to final product and beyond.

I found this exercise extremely useful as I had never thought about my design process before as following a set of rules or guidelines. We all follow processes though and this was a good way of being able to visualise my own process. I hadn't realised before that I followed so many steps as it is just an instinctive thing.

Our next task is to Brand ourselves, we have to do a 3 minute presentation about ourselves as a brand. I am nervous to say the least although I do think that I will learn a lot about who I am as a person, what motivates me and what my values and mindset is. While the presentation itself may be painful the process will be valuable.

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