Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Richard Etter, Diana Grathwohl & Sigmund Homoyla have come up with clothing that makes you aware of your "digital and social environment".

By embedding sensors in the sleeves of this AwareFashion shirt, the wearer is able to sense other forms technology in the room by a visual display of light on the cuff of the shirt.

Communication dress

New York based Alis Cambol, an interaction designer / design analyst who focuses on researching and designing experiences for product, fashion, environments and digital platforms, has created the Lizard dress (see you tube video below). This interactive garment mimics movements made by an external source (person wearing the corresponding transmitter).

What can this type of technology do to enable remote communication through clothing between two people?

Search Engine for Wearable tech

A great tool from the guys that blog about wearable technology every day at talk 2 my shirt... now you can search the web (not just their blog posts) for new innovations in wearables :)