Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Garbage Warrior

I watched a programme on more4 last night entitled Garbage Warrior a film by Oliver Hodge. Michael Reynolds an American architect and his team build sustainable houses made of rubbish. They are completely self sufficient from heating to sewage systems. I think this is such a clever way of using waste materials we are dumping into landfill sites in a productive way:) Not only are they using this 'junk' to build the accommodation or Earth Ships as they call them but once they are built you have no outgoings on bills, which is good for your bank balance and also good for the environment as no non-renewable energy sources are needed. They also grow their own vegetables and have a few livestock so are completely free.

Reynolds says that his community is 'a method of living that allowes people to look after themselves.'

Check out the above link for more info on Michael Reynolds and the Earth Ships:)

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