Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The Challenge of Writing/The Tipping Point

Today I had a lecture on The Challenge of Writing given by Dr Kathleen McMillan. She talked about the formal ways of writing and referencing using the harvard system and tips on how to avoid plagerism. She also talked about the differnt steps to writing from defining a question, researching your topic, to drafting and redrafting. I found her guidence on structure and to clarify what you are saying as well as how to compose an over all piece of work very helpful as I am not always good at getting to the point in my writing.

To gain some (much needed in my case) practice and to find our voice in our style of writing we have been set the task of reviewing or rewriting our proposals for the MDES course. We have to define our topic, explain work already undertaken, why our topic is an addition to our knowledge and how it will be valuable. All in 200 words! This will be tough.

I found this afternoons lecture given by Jonathan Baldwin on the book the Tipping Point was very informative and made me question who I am in relation to the conectors, Mavens and salesmen talked about in the book. Do I posses any of these qualitys and how can I use them to make a small change but possibly a big difference.

He also talked about The Mind Map Book which I am going to have a look at as my note taking skills leave a lot to be desired. Below is todays attempt.

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