Thursday, 23 October 2008

Critical Design part 2

Graham Pullin set us a challenge in Critical Design. We had to come up with an idea of how to highlight the point of generic disabled signage. All disabled people are not all men in wheelchairs as is portrayed in signs used globally for all sorts of things from parking to toilets. How can we raise this issue and get people to think about other possible signage solutions. Below are four examples of disabled parking signs.

We were in groups of two or three and were only given 10-15 minutes to consider this.
Kate and I came up with the idea of putting able bodied signage everywhere, this would generalise everyone else and segregate them. It would be an opportunity to pigeon whole the able bodied for a change and would hopefully raise awareness and start a discussion about the generic signage used at the moment. People like to be seen as individuals with separate needs and personalities. Disabled people are no different to able bodied people in this respect.
This idea wouldn't be for us to re-design the icon on the signage as this would be a tough feat, other groups in the class suggested holographic signage that would morph into different logos as you moved around it. We were simply trying to come up with an idea for a piece of Critical Design, that would be thought provoking and strike up some conversations.

I found these two signs after considering this topic further. They are not exactly Critical Design but hopefully make people think.

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