Tuesday, 21 October 2008

David Townson Live/Work Move Me

David came to the master of design studio on Friday afternoon to talk in more depth with us about his time spent on the Live/Work Move Me campaign which was part of the Dott Festival 07. They were trying to set up a lift share campaign. This as a small part of the bigger festival working to show how design can make a positive change in peoples lives. David spoke of different methods that his team used to generate the information needed for their project to succeed ie. research probes, surveys and also to exploit the existing infrastructures. It is good to no that when you are undertaking a project like this one there are tools you can use to infiltrate yourself into a community in a non-threatening way and that you can draw on past experiences and services that are already i place for a starting point and for guidance.

After David's talk we were set a brief task of creating a service blueprint ...

He split us into groups and gave us a list of words and my group chose 'clean air' we then had to imagine what service might clean air enable?

My group thought it would be a good idea that the service should mean that you were part of a physical community in the form of a park. Members would all be shareholders in this park which would enable them to breathe 'clean air' whilst maintaining a public space and being involved in a community. We had to consider differnt touch points in the service ie. how the service would be advertised, how they sign up, how they take part and how they leave as well as the reasonings behind why they would want to take part in the service ie. health benifits, family time, social aspects, provides a hobby etc.

We thought it would be a good idea to encourage the person leaving the service (for re-loating purposes) to 'pass it on' like Jamie Oliver's strategy to ensure the service would sustain itself and even grow.

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