Thursday, 2 October 2008

Tacit Knowledge

I had my first one to one meeting with Hazel (course director) today and she talked abou tacit knowledge as that is the type of knowledge i have most of comming from a craft based disapline. I have looked up the meaning and have found out some interesting things that i had never concidered before. Below are my findings.

'We know more than we can tell.'

Michael Polany

Tacit Knowledge is a 'know how' knowledge rather than a factual 'know what' kind of kowledge. It is learning thorough doing, practice rather than study, this makes it problamatic to share information easily as you need to aquire the skills as you go along. Below is a good example of the difference between what tacit and explicit knowledge.

Also it can be difficult to get your point across as you can do an action but cannot easily explain this action.

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