Monday, 29 September 2008

Eco Chic - The Savvy Shopper's Guide to Ethical Fashion by Matilda Lee

Thought provoking book that outlines who makes the cheap fast fashions of today and under what conditions they work, why are the priced so low & so easily obtained. What fabrics are being used and what chemicals are used. Reasons why we should buy organic clothes as well as food, as the chemicals and pecticides used in our fast fashions can be harmful to us long after they are bought & laundred. Matilda Lee opens our eyes to these socking truths & gives sencible advice on how to be not only an ethical consumer but how to look good while making a difference!:D

She also tells of the sad truth that if our non-ethical over consumption slump continues the second hand/recycaling clothing trade will seice to exist. It will not be feasable to continue to recycle garments as the quality of the textiles being prodused will be of such a poor quality that they will not be reusable or recyclable anymore. They instead will go into landfill. I find this so sad so I am going to try to shop with an ethical concience so when buying products or garments in the future, I will try to choose something with natural, organic, recyclable fibres or fabrics or better still second hand.

There are some great vintage sites like Whats mine is yours an online swapshop or check out ebay or your local charity shop for great finds.

If new is your thing then there are lots of fantastic companys doing their bit like people tree, terra plana, edun, howies, green threads etc

See the stock list at the back of Eco Chic for a full and very concidered choice of eco friedly companys and desigers.

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