Monday, 6 April 2009

Concept Products 2009

Some of my favorite Concept Products 2009 :)

Poster Lamp - Designed by Rachel Hevicon

Using thermochromatic ink the pattern on the lamp shade reacts to heat. As the light element (the lamp) produces warmth, the visual pattern on the lamp shade disappears, acting as a subtle reminder to the user that they are using energy, and to consider their environmental responsibility as much as their specific light requirement. The lampshade pattern displays a map of the world to emphasise the global environmental message.

Peek-a-boo Radiator - Designed by Samuel Sheard

The radiators are decorated with images from nature and the rural landscape, ‘painted’ in thermochromatic ink. When the radiator is turned off (cold) the graphics are displayed but when the radiator is turned on (hot) the graphics start to disappear, reminding the user of the energy that they are using.

Pixelate - Designed by Alison Edwards

Pixelate is simultaneously a wall-mounted light and an interchangeable illuminated picture. Consumers purchase a pixelated card which fits into a wallmounted frame installed in front of a low energy lamp. Using the designer’s recommendations, or their own inspiration, the user pops out pre-cut perforations to create a decorative wall light. Pixelate comes with 5 card inserts so when you fancy a change you can pop out another picture.

Note Table - Designed by Danielle Quinn

The Note Table takes away the frustration of looking for a pen/paper when leaving a message or reminder. The surface of the oak table incorporates a magnetic filings board and a magnetic pen with which to write. A sliding eraser deletes the previous message and the Note Table is ready for the next one.

To vote for these producst and many more go to Concept Products 2009 Vote


Jen said...

hi Jo thanks for the comment - i had a look at your post. i like the dress!

For our show at WASPs last year I made interchangable skirts. I have some really nice pattern books I could email links to you?

have a wee look at

Also the MA textile futures twiki has lots of student work using colour changing textiles

Jen xx

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