Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Colour it inn and Assembly dresses

There's nothing I enjoyed more as a child than sitting down at my little desk with a big handful of chunky pens and crayons in one hand and my colouring inn book in the other. Well thanks to a collaboration between Michiel Schuurman a graphic designer and Berber Soepboer a fashion designer you can now re-live the childhood fun in this amazing colour-it-yourself dress, just wonderful...

Imagine all the different looks you could achieve with one dress and pattern, especially if temporary inks could be achieved in a real world workable model. This type of technology could work fantastically well within this sort of framework. The pattern would always be there but a multitude of looks could be achieved by different colour proportions and harmonious hues, or if you weren't feeling in the mood perhaps just leave it black and white for once.

There is a lot to be said for simple black and white prints my favorite of all time being the collections by Johanna Basford (above), if you haven't seen these amazing timeless floral pieces already check out her website and you can keep updated on all her goings on with her blog. Johanna's beautiful inky prints debuted at London fashion week in February, this is a joint venture between Johanna and fashion designer Graeme Armour. Stunning. (below)

Above is another fantastic dress from the collaboration of Michiel Schuurman and Berber Soepboer, entitled Assembly Dress, these wonderful pieces can be taken apart and reconstructed in countless ways, again another possibility for temporary printing methods, this would work exceptionally well as garments shape, size and fit could all be altered on a daily basis, producing the 'chameleon effect' on a daily basis by how the garment is constructed so changing how the print is viewed. If images could be temporally fixed onto the cloth then fade out or be washed for example to be removed, a new dimension to the look could be achieved.

This type of garment construction could hold many possibilities of the future of DIY fashion, no longer would you have to rush out and buy a sewing machine and pattern cutting books to hown up on your sewing skills, anyone would have the freedom to create interesting and one off garments that could be deconstructed at the end of the day and made into something else the next. This type of garment construction would give everyone the chance to be involved in the designing of their garments and could be the right solution to give exceptional fit. A modern day tailoring service if you like that can be achieved from the comfort of your own arm chair... just wonderful.

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