Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Reflective writing

So what is reflective writing? After a lecture yesterday by Jonathan Baldwin the water is slightly less muddy. Instead of sitting down and forcing ourselves to write a fantastic piece that would win the Pulitzer. We must not think about and consider every word, we must instead simply write, start anywhere about anything and as the words spill out we will eventually have something worthwhile. Or at least an accurate account of our thoughts for that day which could spark off other thoughts and ideas. So we must write these thoughts down so as they do not disappear into the ether.

I had stopped writing my ramblings over the Christmas vacation and became increasingly stuck for ideas or paths I should follow. I was back in class for a matter of hours and the ideas started to flow again. I feel this is because we were set the task of explaining our projects to Christine who will be taking us for our mindful design practice module. Even though I normally clam up and fear presentations, the challenge of putting together and telling the storey of my research(something that I am very passionate about, summed up in one minute with the aid of a few images), i found did not fill me with the usual fear and dread. Perhaps It was not the most coherent and descriptive talk I have ever given but on watching it back in the afternoon(our attempts were videoed for this purpose) I learned that actually I could do it and perhaps the massive amounts of worry stress and preparation I normally put into a talk is not always the right way to tackle public speaking. The information I need to get across is in my head I no it is their even though sometimes I find it hard to access, but with the help of a few visual aids and tangible props, public speaking can become for me in this instance more manageable.

I guess everyone is nervous or worried about how they come across and if they will be able to deliver their points clearly and interestingly giving the audience something profound or at least memorable to take away. I think the art of public speaking, as with the art of writing will come in time and I will find my own style. Johnathan says if you feel you cant wright, wright more not less, this way you will feel more comfortable with it and it will not become this big issue. The pink elephant in the corner can be dispelled with a little practice and self belief.
I myself find writing as difficult as public speaking but for different reasons, when I wright I do not no when to stop and when I speak I do not no where to start.

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