Tuesday, 27 January 2009

One t-shirt many looks...?

Developing on from yesterdays cultural probe exercise and in conjunction with how to bring many looks to one garment by the use of print, I am eagerly awaiting an order of UV fluid, theocratic pigment, glow in the dark pigment and photochromic pigment so I can do some test pieces. If these are successful I could use them as cultural probes to gain peoples reactions and feelings on chameleon like clothing that responds to the wearers surroundings.
How would a garment if printed with various reactive inks in different patterns across the surface area evolve throughout the day and how would the wearer react to this?

Above is just a quick sketch explaining how the print would change and 'grow' over the course of the day as the wearer went through different heating and lighting conditions.

Would this method of printing connect the wearer to thei clothes...?

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