Friday, 30 January 2009

The Man Who Cycled the World

Last night I went to see Mark Beaumont give a talk about his adventures on cycling around the world. This amazing trip took Mark a mere 194days and 17hours to complete (his personal target was 195 days so he understood his capabilities and must have had great determination in fulfilling his goal).

I found him to be very inspirational indeed, he new what he wanted to achieve and made it happen, from planning and sponsorship to getting the right media coverage. He raised a lot of money for several charities along with breaking the world record by over 80 days.

It was just so good to see someone who has worked extremely hard to achieve their goals, this brings me onto a lecture I had went to earlier in the day given by Amanda Game who works with Innovative Craft. She talked about her struggles with her gallery through the last recession in the 1990's and feels if you work hard and are committed to your end goal you can achieve it. She said that craft is 'a tangible thing with human beings behind that thing', and that we have to value and evaluate our craft and skill set. I think that by doing this combined with hard work we can achieve something brilliant within our field.


Qin said...

hi, i saw it on FB and wonder if you have known it:

Jo said...

Thanks, I didnt no they had a facebook page:)

Hong En in dundee said...

Hello, I like the lovely story and it encourages me. This semester seems to be more busy than last one and we will be able to focus on our research problem. Sometimes I feel it is not straight way of thinking in design process which means it is hard to make clear how to do next. Should learn something from the guy who has strong will:)