Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The Good Consumer...Really...?

This short video entitled 'The Good Consumer' embodies our everyday life and consumption habits scary as it is. I felt really uncomfortable watching this video with the eerie narrators voice telling me to consume, consume, consume. It suggests we are lemming like creatures following the trends and obeying the gospel of the 'Brand', which of course is nonsense...isn't it? The sad fact is and the reason why i was squirming in my seat while watching this was that it is true, sad but undeniably correct. I am really working hard to educate myself on why branding and fashion trends are so important to us, hopefully by understanding it, it will be easier to come up with solutions to fill the empty voids within us that forces us to over consume in the hope we will feel satisfactorily nourished, which of course never works... so its back to the shops for more.

See Bonfire of the Brands for more information on this subject.

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