Tuesday, 22 September 2009

A visual display of breath


Artists statement:

"We all breathe – this vital process happens automatically, without thinking. However, often we are not aware of the correct way of doing this. This project searches to encourage the user of the dress to breathe deeply and thoroughly, and to communicate this automatic and inevitable procedure of living to the surroundings. The idea is transformed into a product through designing an evening gown with a built-in breathing sensor measuring the breathing movement of the wearer around the waist (not the breast). The output from this interactive movement is transformed into light. LEDs installed on the inner layer of the dress in an ornamental pattern fade in and out along with the breathing movement. The greater the difference measured between the inhaling cycles, the stronger the LEDs will shimmer. When the wearer breathes superficially, only using the upper chest, little or no output will be shown." (Synne Geirsdatter Frydenberg)

e-motion from c r on Vimeo.

Designer Synne Geirsdatter Frydenberg uses these fashion pieces to highlight the motion of breathing. The dress (Pneuma) monitors the movement that our bodies make whilst inhaling and exhaling and records this movement by an outward display of light on the garment; this beautiful piece is embroydered and speckled with LEDs which are notified of the movement (breath) via a sensor that reacts to the breathing motion which occurs around the wearers waist. All this breathing and moving is sent via the sensor to the lights and a wonderful light show appears on the dress. The intensity of light depends on the intensity of breath. The harder you inhale and exhale the brighter the lights appear.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see that you like my work!

Jo said...

It is just lovely :)