Sunday, 6 September 2009

Reveal an Explore Micro-organism Dress

Reveal and explore Micro-Organism dress:
Joanne Hodge (
- Self Funded
- July 09
- Materials – White cotton
- Specialised Materials – Photochromic ink
- Interaction – Colour change (to UV light)
- Size (UK) – 8 - 14

Hints of who we are and how we are constructed seem to appear as if from nowhere on the outer garment as the wearer comes into contact with sunlight or any source of UV light.
To gain a full understanding the garment must be lifted, opened and investigated.
The prints and embroidery which come to life in the sunlight show the complexities in our physical make up and in our personalities.
This exploratory piece lets the wearer and others that the wearer chooses to explore their body on a very basic level. Uncovering secrets and hidden

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