Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Changing the face of fashion...

...well of a t-shirt anyway. Upon starting my masters course a year ago (which I have recently finished - you can see some of my new pieces here), I thought wouldnt it be wonderful if your clothing's patterning could change and alter over the course of a day... my research lead me down many paths and away from optical elusions, but now my thirst for this type of patterning change has been quenched by Sun NÂș01 which is a limited-edition graphic T printed with a mix of ordinary and smart, uv-sensitive inks. (A collaboration between Moondial and Viennese fashion label Wendy & Jim)

See the video below to view the colour change from normal light to UV Light levels...

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Launched at the Ars Electronica Festival earlier this month, the shirt is now available internationally for €80 from the Moondial site.

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