Sunday, 9 August 2009

Touch me Luggage tag dress

Touch me Luggage tag dress
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Touch me Luggage tag dress:

Joanne Hodge (
Self Funded
July 09
Materials – White cotton and satin lining
Specialised Materials – Thermochromic ink
Interaction – Colour change (to heat),
Size (UK) – 8 -20

“Touch can produce delightful sensations or uncomfortable reactions. The right touch can make us feel secure, happy, loved. But social taboos and new technologies often seem to get in the way of human contact.” (Touch Me Exhibition, V&A, 2005)

Printed using heat sensitive inks that desaturate in colour when heated. This bubble shaped garment invites outsiders into personal space, to touch, cuddle, and breathe on the wearer. What does this mean for the future of social interaction? In our ever-changing disconnected and digital world can this garment act as a connector between people giving them social and physical contact that can be seen to be lacking from their lives?

Specialised equipment – warm hands, a love of affection and plenty of puff

Please visit my flickr page for more examples of this interactive garment.

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