Sunday, 9 August 2009

Multifunctional Bed Spread Top: One garment many looks...

Joanne Hodge (
Self Funded
July 09
Materials – Made from recycled bed sheets and white cotton (giving life, beauty and function to discarded textiles)
Specialised Materials – Thermochromic ink, Photochromic ink
Interaction – Colour change (to heat), Colour change (to UV light)
Size (UK) – 8 -20

“Physical objects are not the focus of our deep desires; they are merely tangible entities, which transport various meanings perceivable.”
(Champ­man, 2005)

Wearable’s that can satisfy or need to update our wardrobe on a daily basis...

In response to sustainability issues and our over consumption habits this multifunctional piece (one garment many looks) gives the wearer the choice and freedom to wear it how they want and change their look over the course of the day, helping to show off their individual style with no need to cut or sew (just buttoning and belting in different ways).

This fully reversible garment responds to the wearer’s body and surroundings with the simple prints appearing and disappearing to touch, body heat and sunlight (or any source of UV light).

The bold grey print is edgy but gives hints of what is underneath by way of buttons sleeves that can be folded up and the insides of pockets... a purple floral pattern seems to grow as if from nowhere when it comes into contact with UV light. Is this a softer side of the person shining through (one of the many meanings that can be taken from this startling contrast). It is up to the individual (wearer or viewer) to draw their own personal conclusions on meanings, functions and styling. Can this help build up connections between people and wearer and/or wearer and the garment?

Can this interactive garment be viewed as an exemplar of wearable, changeable, sustainable fashion?

Please visit my flickr page for more examples of this interactive garment.

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