Wednesday, 14 October 2009

How much do you miss me...?

Ever wondered how to tell someone you are missing them without picking up the phone or dropping them an email...? Well Jia Yi Lin's Measure how much I miss you zipper communicators are a beautiful concept to show a loved one that you are missing them without actually having to put that into words.

They come as a set, keep one for yourself and give one to a loved one. Clip them to your bag or put them in your pocket, then when you feel the urge to tell them you miss them unzip the zip and by this action your communicator will trigger their communicator and it will vibrate, light up or even play a song. So much more personal than a text message.

Take a peek at the YouTube Video below and all will become crystal clear...

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Qin said...

Thought u mit know, but anyway, check out the LinkedIn MDes disucssion, there is a PhDship advertised by Gucci Group on sustainable fashion design!!!! You have to try for that one!!!

Jen, a former MDes, advisted it ;-)