Monday, 4 May 2009

Slogan t-shirts... built to last...?

A clip from Notting Hill (1999) where the character Spike is trying to decide what to wear for a date. He comes down with a series of slogan t-shirts on... while they reflect his personality perfectly, what are they saying to the outside world? They are statement pieces created to wear to a certain event or for comic value, a one off joke, but where is the longevity in them?

T-shirts like this maybe funny for a one off occasion but there are specific times and places where they might not be appropriate. Temporary printing methods would be perfect for these types of slogan t-shirts. All the impact without the shirt going to landfill the week after when the point has been made.

If you cant wait till temporary printing inks are an actual possibility then maybe these t-shirts by Katharine Hamnett are a good compromise, ethically made and make good clear political statements... maybe slogan t-shirts arn't all bad after all.

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