Thursday, 19 February 2009


What is the RESQROLL? Its a tool to aid medics or any person, to protect the spine, when trying to extricate and move an injured person, be it from car crashes or slipping and falling in the bathroom. Spinal injuries worsened by the incorrect movement of trauma victims are a real problem according to Brian Carling who invented the RESQROLL. This ingenuous invention which as Brian put it is a very simple design, and it has to be so people can use it with ease, retaining the knowledge a long period of time after training. (Brian pointed out that a doctor can louse up to 92% of skill retention after a year has elapsed from performing any given task, and here I thought it would be like riding a bike. The two years between my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees when I was out in the world gaining 'life experience' I rarely picked up a screen and a squidgy to print but I am still able to print with ease, all my tacit knowledge was retained... however this probably is not the best comparison as I am sure it takes far more skill and precision to administer injections or perform intricate surgeries than it does to print on a piece of fabric.

Brian was very professional in his talk and made a very engaging speaker, his business and design is very unique and seemed at the start of his journey to belong to a very niche market, however as it has evolved the possibilities of where this spine saving equipment could be used seem vast. Mike and Jonathan made the point yesterday that your market and target audience might not be who you think, and on reflection I guess this is what Brian was saying to, or at least that is what has happened to his business. He thought it would be used within the NHS but the armed forces have taken on the idea along with the oil industry, formula 1 and the possibility that everyone could have a RESQROLL in their boot.
I am sure the RESQROLL will continue to be a success preventing spinal trauma victims from permanent paralyzation, and for me the message is clear, that good ideas can make a difference with a lot of passion, nourishment, a bit of help and a lot of hard work.

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