Thursday, 13 November 2008

From seed to Saf

This is the journey of the cotton that is used to create all of Saf's clothing. They are an ethical Organic clothing brand. Michael Conway, managing director of Saf, says,

'The clothing industry is pretty nasty - 20 000 people die every year from pesticide poisoning. Cotton uses 3 per cent of the world's arable land and 25 per cent of pesticides. We are producing a sustainable, organic product that also doesn't use child labour.'

A Cotton Field
A cotton field

Cotton Seed
Cotton seeds

Cotton Bales
Cotton bales

Spinning Cotton

Spinnning cotton

Cones of Cotton
Cones of cotton

The Knitting Machine
The knitting machine

<span class=
Greige rolls of fabric


For more information on Saf 'Socially aware fashion' see the Design Week's website:)

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PicklePants said...

parragon inks

dont know if relevant as UV based ink perhaps could be put onto fabrics: